Improve Your Health & Safety Culture

What is Health & Safety Culture?


Health and safety culture is the collective individual and group values, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and behaviour which determine the organization’s commitment to health and safety. These values, ideas and beliefs affect both the mental and physical wellbeing of all employees within the organization.


Today’s leaders promote safety culture in their organizations, integrating prevention into business strategies and processes. After all, exemplary health and safety performance has been proven to drive business results.

Positive vs. Negative


Indicative of a positive safety culture is strong communication, confidence in effective preventative measures and shared perceptions of the importance of health and safety at work. Factors that may contribute to a positive safety culture include:


  • Visible commitment to safety on behalf of all levels of management.
  • Visible proof of health and safety investments.
  • Being proactive about opportunities for improvement.
  • Strong understanding of health and safety by all employees.
  • Policies and procedures setting clear directions for the organization.
  • Good communication.
  • Planned assessments and reviews to measure performance.


An organization’s safety culture is subject to continuous change and evolution. Constant attention is required in order to ensure that changes are positive and not negative. Factors such as high staff turnover and inconsistent decision making can make it difficult to maintain a positive health and safety culture. Other factors that may contribute to a negative safety culture include:


  • Increase in behaviour-related occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Decrease in safety reporting due to a blame culture.
  • Leadership not engaging in proactive safety behaviours.
  • Failure to comply with health and safety programs and systems.
  • Management decisions which prioritize cost or production over safety.

How to Improve?


To improve culture, you must work at improving factors which can then have a positive influence on culture. These factors may include:

  • Improving managers’ communication skills.
  • Increasing levels of workforce participation in safety-related challenges and solutions.
  • Promoting morale.
  • Ensuring all workers have the necessary skills to perform their work safely.


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