Register to take part in our 2022 Program.  This program option offers PSHSA’s expert advice and continuous support with additional opportunities to connect with peers and learn from each other as you work towards your respective goals. The rewards and recognition earned will be based on your own individual organization’s performance. 

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Program fees are based on organization size for Schedule 1 employers. A separate fee is listed for Schedule 2 firms.


WSIB Schedule 1 Firms

  • Firms with <$100,000 in Premiums: $800
  • Firms with $100,000 to $250,000 in Premiums: $1000
  • Firms with >$250,000 in Premiums: $1,200

WSIB Schedule 2 Firms

  • Each Schedule 2 Firm: $1,000

* Other consulting services, training and products available for an additional fee.


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