RACE / MSD Workshop
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In Class
1 day

This one day training course will consist of a Risk Assessment, or RACE (Recognize, Assess, Control, Evaluate) training, a Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) awareness training and an interactive workshop to create hazard assessments for actual tasks and activities. MSD’s are currently the most prevalent injury type for WSIB claims and costs, and MSD’s in municipal workplaces are presently a focus of the Ministry of Labour.


This workshop will familiarize participants with the principles of hazard assessments and the most effective strategies to prioritize and mitigate these hazards in the tasks they perform every day. This training will introduce several hazard assessment and control models and provide hands-on training in implementation of these strategies. MSD hazards will be a particular focus. Participants will have opportunity to utilize the knowledge they have gained by creating hazard assessments relevant to their work tasks. These hazard assessments may be utilized by the organization in their hazard assessment program.

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