Return to the Workplace (RTWp)

Tools and Resources to Plan a Safe and Sustainable Return to the Workplace Following COVID-19

The journey for returning to the workplace after COVID-19 will be unique to every business and organization. How a business navigates through the recovery phase of the pandemic will depend on many factors including its workforce, operations and resources. However, the need for preparedness, thoughtful planning, and coordination will be fundamental for achieving and managing a safe and sustainable return to the workplace.

Tools to Support Safe & Sustainable RTWp

Needs Assessment Survey
We’d like to understand your organization’s biggest challenges as you prepare to return to the workplace following COVID-19. This information will help us better support you through the recovery phase.
Readiness Assessment
The Readiness Assessment is a self-administered questionnaire to help businesses assess how prepared they are for returning to the workplace following COVID-19. It is meant to prompt thinking and bring to light considerations for a safe & sustainable Return to the Workplace.
RTWp Roadmap
The RTWp Roadmap is an action plan template for businesses to build their Return to the Workplace plan. Structured into 3 stages of recovery, the Roadmap outlines specific control measures for people, places & things with considerations for evidence-informed health & safety advice and practical solutions.
Workplace Innovations Survey
In partnership with the Conference Board of Canada, we’re surveying employers and workers to understand how innovations and emerging solutions are playing a role to support organizations and workplace health and safety during COVID-19.
Maintaining An Effective JHSC
An effectively functioning JHSC is a legal requirement for Ontario, and particularly critical during emergencies such as COVID-19. Committee members must be well informed of the hazards, remain active in identifying hazards and recommend controls for hazards in a timely manner.
Duty to Report
To help control the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure an appropriate response, workers and employers need to understand their illness reporting duties and who to contact for further guidance.
COVID-19 Inspection Checklist for Joint Health and Safety Committees
The sample COVID-19 Inspection Checklist is designed to assist Joint Health and Safety Committees in assessing various aspects of the workplace and determine whether or not corrective action is necessary.
COVID-19 Prevention & Response Policy
This sample policy is designed to be part of a workplace emergency preparedness and response plan. It outlines general responsibilities of workplace parties including the employer, supervisor and worker, and sets out sample procedures required to control the spread of infection in the workplace.
Custom COVID-19 RTWp Consulting Services
PSHSA has the expertise and resources to support your organization through the recovery phase of the pandemic. Our highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts will work with you to understand your business, accurately assess your health and safety needs, and build a customized action plan to ensure a safe and sustainable RTWp.
Safety at Home after Work
Although all effort is made to reduce exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, workers can unknowingly carry contamination from the workplace back to their homes.
Safety at Home after Work Video
As a leading practice, high standards of health and safety should be practiced at work and at home because safeguarding health extends beyond the physical workplace.
Business Continuity Planning Checklist for a Pandemic
A strategic planning process called business continuity planning can assist small or larger businesses in the development of a comprehensive and effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for adverse events e.g. pandemic.
Small Business Continuity Planning Checklist for a Pandemic
This tool will enable organizations to identify gaps in their business continuity planning processes and allow them to develop an action plan to close the gaps.

PSHSA’s RTWp Virtual Conference took place on June 16, 2020 to explore how COVID-19 has impacted the People we work with, the Places we work, and the Things we do at work.


Over 1,500 participants attended the conference to LEARN how COVID-19 has created the next normal for businesses, INTERACT with experts who will provide guidance on how to navigate return to the workplace during COVID-19, and hear about innovations that will help you LEAD in keeping employees and customers healthy and safe.


RTWp featured multiple concurrent sessions appealing to various areas of interest. View the full conference agenda. We thank the many speakers who have made their slide presentations available - you can access these below.


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COVID-19 Resources for Employers & Workers

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre for more information about how to protect yourself, what to do if you’re experiencing symptoms and additional resources for employers and workers.