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Adapting to how workers can learn in new ways has become a focus for many health and safety professionals. Using eLearning as an option for organizational health and safety programs means you’re not bound to a specific location, you can learn at your own pace and take advantage of tracking & certificate generation.

PSHSA eLearning

eLearning vs. In Class Success

E-learning can be an inexpensive alternative to classroom training, but does it yield the same results? Training Top 125 winners, Training Top 10 Hall of Famers, and other experts to weigh in on the topic and why it’s so important for Learning professionals to conduct a thorough needs analysis and determine the “right” training delivery method.

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Why We Are Different

Building on decades of sector-specific experience, PSHSA has the subject matter expertise required for creative and innovative eLearning options to match your organizational requirements. The changing and increasingly complex work environment means that employees need to be trained continuously to stay current and competitive.

PSHSA makes the process of meeting these requirements easier with our eLearning methodology to set us apart from other methods of learning. Trends in the application of learning technologies are moving in the direction of strategies that are more personal, social and flexible. Building on decades of sector-specific experience, PSHSA consultants provide the subject matter expertise required for creative and innovative eLearning experiences.

eLearning Library

Take advantage of our extensive content library. Our eLearning courses are engaging and we have a proven track record of helping clients improve health and safety performance and knowledge transfer.

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Our eLearning on your Learning Management System (LMS)

Any course currently available in our eLearning Library can be uploaded to your organization’s internal LMS and our flexible pricing can accommodate your organizations needs.


Learners are granted access to courses through PSHSA’s learning management system at a per user cost.

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Reduces barriers to buy
  • Includes tracking and certificate generation

A great option for small to medium sized organizations.


Clients implement SCORM compliant courses onto their own LMS for a one-time fee, to an unlimited number of learners.

  • Predictable, one-time cost
  • In-house reporting
  • Options to customize

A great option for small to medium sized organizations.

If you would like to learn more about implementing our health and safety eLearning modules on your LMS contact:

Examples include:

Custom eLearning Development

If you have content of your own that needs to be converted into eLearning, PSHSA will work with you to develop a creative and innovative eLearning solution. Our eLearning developers work closely with our health and safety experts and instructional designers to customize a solution to fit any eLearning need. We can do the same to create and develop a specific training topic for an eLearning environment that is co-branded for your internal use.

eLearning Model

Blended Learning

Our blended training combines the ease of eLearning with the focused practical application of a traditional classroom environment. Complete the eLearning at your own pace first then attend a class with one of our experts to complete your course. You can attend the traditional classroom training in one of our regional training facilities or our instructors can train on-site at your organization. Blended learning is ideal for independent learners, those with many years of experience working at heights, or those who are used to taking eLearning courses. Blended options is available for:

  • Working at Heights – For more information, click here.

eLearning at PSHSA always includes:

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Certificate Generation

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Responsive Design

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