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What's New in Standards,  
Legislation & Guidelines  
WSIB Rate Framework
Modernization Consultation - Update
WSIB Releases 2016-2018 Strategic Plan
Recently, WSIB outlined its commitment to continue strengthening its operations to provide Ontario's workers and employers with even better service and value through the release of its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. This Plan has five themes:
  • Promoting health & safety in Ontario workplaces
  • Achieving better return-to-work and recovery outcomes while administering benefits fairly
  • Eliminating the system's Unfunded Liability
  • Delivering service excellence, quality and care through innovation, and
  • Reaching shared goals with our people as a dedicated and collaborative team
Read the Strategic Plan to learn more about WSIBs strategic framework and their objectives to improve outcomes, accountability and sustainability here.

Review the WSIBs 2016 Corporate Business Plan which includes its annual statement of priorities here.
Panel of Experts Event
PSHSA will be holding an information session Thursday April 7, featuring a panel of experts providing an overview on the rate reform changes. Our first panel will be targeted to the Health and Community Service sector as it relates to stakeholders in a financial role. If you are interested in attending contact:
Areas of Priority
PSHSA have received MOL approval for our new JHSC Certification Training Part 1 & JHSC Certification Part 2!

Starting March 1
Be Prepared. Be Proactive. Be Safe.

As a Thank You to our valued clients for choosing PSHSA for your JHSC Training we are donating $20,000 to Threads of Life and Parachute!
We thank our team and our clients for your continued support.

From March 1 - June 30, PSHSA will donate $20 per person enrolled in Certification 1 and will donate $20 per person enrolled in Certification Part 2 JHSC Training to these same 2 charities!

If you take advantage of our bundled offer of $700, for both Certification 1 & 2 together PSHSA will donate $40.

Join us on Twitter and use #supportsafety to let us know when you have been trained!

Threads of Life helps families of workplace tragedy along their journey of healing by providing unique family support programs and services.Parachute, a national charity dedicated to injury prevention, will direct PSHSA donations to support programs focused on keeping children safe at home and at play. Supporting this initiative ensures your workers are trained and safe with confidence. At the same time your donation gives the gift of hope to families affected by workplace tragedy and provides digital access to educational materials that will keep children safe.


Learn more about Threads of Life.

Learn more about Parachute Canada.

Help us reach this charitable donation goal and to make a difference in Health & Safety in 2016!

To Learn More and Register:
February 29 marked
International RSI
Awareness Day
Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), are among the most common types of worker injuries.

Each year on the last day of February, workplaces mark RSI Awareness Day to promote avoidance of these injuries to improve the well-being of workers.

The goal of the day - now in its 17th year - is to raise awareness of the debilitating nature of repetitive strain injuries to tendons, muscles, nerves and joints in the neck, back, chest, shoulders, arms and hands - and how to prevent them.

Read More about PSHSAs training courses for MSD and Ergonomics as we'll be promoting our RSI related services throughout February.

See PSHSAs recent article in Construction Canada: Ergonomics in the Office - Health, Safety and Design Professionals
Industrial Inspection Blitzes 
Safe Operation of Machinery
Inspectors will focus on the safe operation of machinery and proper lock out. Workers can be exposed to a number of hazards when machines are not properly guarded or locked out during maintenance, repair and other activities in industrial sector workplaces.

Read More about the hazards.

Blitz Results: Material Handling.
April 26-27

Partners in Prevention 2016: Advancing the Frontiers of Health and Safety -
International Center Mississauga

PSHSA will be presenting on the subject of resources and prevention strategies to manage Fatigue in the workplace. Fatigue has been identified as an emerging hazard, and as workplaces begin to understand the impact that it can have on safety and productivity, they are looking for solutions.

Learn More

June 20-23

PREMUS 2016 Toronto

As part of PREMUS 2016 programming, there will be various workshops held on Sunday, June 19. These workshops provide hands-on learning to expand your skills as a researcher or practitioner in the field of work-related musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) prevention.

The PSHSA workshop: Achieving Funding Through Research Commercialization will cover how that in today's complex market, commercializing research findings is often encouraged as a way to turn research findings into practical tools for use by the workplace parties and to fund future research. In this workshop, participants will learn a process for research commercialization, as well as the role research commercialization plays in acquiring additional research funding.

PSHSA Facilitators:
Glenn Cullen and Kim Slade

Sunday June 19, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Learn More

April 24-26

OCEA 2016 Spring Conference:
Westin Ottawa

The PSHSA workshop will be offered: Tuesday, April 26, from 10:00-11:00 am and will cover our Health and Safety Placement Assessment Checklist as well as the Risk Assessment workshop explores various placements and common hazards and injuries. The workshop will be facilitated by PSHSA Regional Consultant Ed Hagar.

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March 22, 2016

Saskatchewan Association For Safe Workplaces in Health Conference and Annual General Meeting: Delta Regina

PSHSA Executive Director Health and Community Service Henrietta van Hulle will speak on: Violence Prevention in Healthcare: Strategies for Improvement.

Register here

March 9 - 12pm

AMCTO Workshop Webinar:
Implementing the Psychological Health and Safety Standard For Municipalities

In this Webinar PSHSAs Executive Director Municipal, Government and Public Safety, Monica Szabo will cover how Psychological health and safety in the workplace is mandatory for all Ontarians. Learn about establishing an effective Health and Safety program that includes employee mental well-being.

Click for more information and to register

April 7-8

Conference: Ottawa

Safeguarding Mental Health of Educators in Canada

Nitika Rewari - Mental Health,
Mental Health Commission of Canada

Cindy Taylor - Carleton University

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is a set of tools for employers to promote employee mental health and prevent mental injury. Mental Health Commission of Canada's three year national study has now reached its mid-point. This study, started in February 2014, follows more than 40 organizations to understand how they are implementing the National Standard. Participants will learn about early findings and hear from Carleton University, a project participant, about their journey in the education sector.

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Depressive symptoms common in first year after work injury

Depressive symptoms are common in the first 12 months after people have been injured at work, and the first six months appear to be particularly important to an injured worker's future mental health, according to a new study from the Institute for Work & Health. This six-month period may be a window of opportunity to screen for symptoms of depression, and to provide the necessary support to those who need it, in order to prevent mental health problems in future, the study suggests.

Read more about the study.

Motor control exercises reduce low-back pain, disability

Exercises that target the core muscles supporting the spine can reduce pain and disability among sufferers. This is according to recent research from the Cochrane Back and Neck Review Group, housed at the Institute for Work & Health. These exercises, called motor control exercises, are aimed at restoring control and improving coordination of the deep trunk muscles that support the spine, and the research suggests they work as well as other types of physical activity for easing lower back pain.

Read more about the study.
Health and Safety Spotlight
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace II

PSHSA will feature our second webinar in this series co-facilitated by George Waggott, a lawyer from McMillian LLP. This webinar will apply to all workplaces explaining what employers need to consider in accommodating workers with prescriptions for medical marijuana.

Register Now for the Webinar on March 10 at 10am

Work Related Asthma - Your Breathing Matters

See our recent our Asthma Fast Fact
Education & Culture
In response to the implementation of the 2015-16 additional mandatory Professional Activity (PA) day PSHSA would like to support school boards and their employees with worker awareness training on topics such as:
  • Slips/Trips/Falls
  • MSDs
  • Violence and Harassment
  • Material Handling and WHMIS
Effective Leadership training options:
Legislation, Standards and Codes
The Internal Responsibility System and Due Diligence
Hazard Awareness and Control
Government, Municipal
& Public Safety 
Traumatic Mental Stress for First Responders
In early February the Minister of Labour announced a four part plan to address Traumatic Mental Stress for First Responders, correctional officers and emergency dispatchers. The four part plan included a communications strategy for the public and public safety to address the stigma associated with PTSD, a commitment to research, an annual Summit to provide information and the sharing of best practices and the development of a "web-enabled gateway to provide municipalities and employers with information on PTSD. Yesterday the Ministers of Labour and Community Safety introduced the Supporting Ontario's First Responders Act (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), 2016 that would allow faster access to WSIB benefits and timely treatment, ultimately supporting positive recovery outcomes by:
  • Once diagnosed with PTSD, expediting the claims process to be eligible for WSIB benefits
  • Removing the need to prove a causal link between PTSD and a workplace event
  • Requiring employers to implement PTSD prevention plans within the workplace
During the announcement the Minister of Labour acknowledged PSHSA and the work it will be doing in the development of the gateway that will assist municipalities in developing their PTSD plans. PSHSA continued stakeholder discussions at the ROMA/OGRA Conference and will be meeting in the coming days with AMCTO and the Municipal Human Resources Association.

Read More.

Regional Training Center Update
On Thursday February 18 PSHSA hosted over 20 Fire Chiefs, the Ontario Fire Chiefs Association, the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall and Emergency Management and representatives from a number of the Regional Fire Training Centers from across the province. The goal was to begin discussions on establishing a network of training centers throughout the province. The Ministry of Labour provided PSHSA funding over two years to assist in creating an on-line calendar for the Regional Training Centers, upgrading all of the high hazard curriculum and in developing a regional approach for health and safety training. We are partnered with the Ontario Fire Chiefs Association on this initiative. This is an opportunity to network over 200 trade related training centers across Ontario.

Learn More.

Mississauga City Hosts Province's First Mental Health Readiness Training Targeted at Firefighters
PSHSA is pleased to participate in funding one of the training programs as part of the R2MR training program launched Monday February 1 for the City of Mississauga which is targeted at Firefighters. PSHSA is actively working with the OAFC to partner in training initiatives and supporting mental health readiness training is key in supporting the emergency services sector. We look forward to working together for partnership opportunities.

Learn More.

Health and Safety for Drainage Superintendents

PSHSA partnered with DSAO to feature an overview for Drainage Superintendents: "H&S for Drainage Superintendents: Hazards to Consider".

Learn More.
Health & Community Services  
Henrietta van Hulle, PSHSA Executive Director Health and Community Services writes for Canadian Occupational Safety - Patient Flagging May Decrease Violence in Health Care

Learn More.
PSHSA subject matter expert consultants are available to discuss a range of topics related to health and safety in Ontario. Our highly experienced regional directors oversee larger provincial issues in our community and healthcare, education and culture, and municipal and provincial government sectors across Ontario.

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