December 16, 2011


Ontario’s first Chief Prevention Officer, George Gritziotis has outlined  plans to improve worker health and safety in the province. “We’re participating in the biggest revitalisation of Ontario’s workplace health and safety in more than three decades,” said Gritziotis in a joint press conference held with Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Labour this morning. Gritziotis went on to discuss the 2010 Dean Report findings, indicating that the results would serve as a foundation for his safety strategy.


Planned improvements to Ontario’s Workplace Health and Safety System include a health and safety awareness workbook for workers and an employer guide, a poster explaining basic rights and responsibilities under the OHSA, plans to appoint two new minister’s advisory committees in 2012 (for vulnerable workers and small business), appointment of a permanent Prevention Council, and proposal of a new regulation that would enable the Office of the Worker Adviser and the Office of the Employer Adviser to provide support for workers and small businesses involved in reprisal complaints.

The Ministry of Labour is seeking feedback on the poster, workbook and employer guide:


Click here to review the poster.
Click here to review the workbook and employer guide.


Read the MOL backgrounder for more information on the improvements planned, the Chief Prevention Officer and the Dean Report.