March 22, 2013

In December 2009, in Toronto, a swing stage on which five construction workers were doing repair work to a 13th floor balcony came apart and collapsed. All five workers fell; four of them sustained fatal injuries; the survivor sustained life-threatening injuries.

One year later, beginning in December 2010, the Ontario Government, through the Ministry of Labour, conducted a review of the occupational health and safety system.  An important outcome of the review was the call for a province-wide occupational health and safety strategy that will establish a clear vision, goals and priorities to guide the Ministry’s work in the years ahead.

The Ministry of Labour is seeking your input on the development of the first integrated occupational health and safety strategy for Ontario.  A brief consultation paper has been prepared that highlights key issues, followed by questions to help frame your feedback to the Ministry. This brief consultation paper is available in English, French and 15 other languages on the Ministry’s website.

Download the full-length consultation paper or an abridged version and visit the online feedback form to submit your comments. You may provide feedback on some or all questions in the consultation paper.  Additional comments can be sent to

The more input received, the more the occupational health and safety strategy will reflect the needs of your workplace and support the Ministry of Labour’s efforts for a more open and responsive relationship with employers and workers. Feedback will be accepted until Friday, May 17, 2013.

This is your chance to contribute to the development of the first-ever integrated occupational health and safety strategy for the province!