June 02, 2011


The Ministry of Labour issued a reminder encouraging workplaces to make efforts to prevent heat stress now that the weather is warming up. Heat stress, which is caused by hard physical work, fluid loss, fatigue or some medical conditions; can lead to worker illness, disability and even death. The Ministry suggests these steps and others to protect workers from heat stress:

  • Reducing the temperature and humidity through air cooling
  • Providing air-conditioned rest areas
  • Increasing the frequency and length of rest breaks
  • Scheduling strenuous jobs for cooler times of the day
  • Providing cool drinking water near workers

Heat stress can affect anyone, including the young and fit, and can be a concern in many workplaces. Symptoms of heat stress can include excessive sweating, headache, rashes, cramping, dizziness and fainting. The full bulletin can be read on the Ministry of Labour’s website.


PSHSA has several resources to help you beat the heat: