May 21, 2013 – In December 2010, the Ministry of Labour conducted a review of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety System. An important outcome of the review was the call for a province-wide occupational health and safety strategy that would establish a clear vision, goals and priorities to guide the Ministry’s work in the years ahead. To help craft this strategy, the Ministry of Labour released a consultation paper in March, highlighting key issues and questions for the purpose of gathering important input  from stakeholders.

As an integral part of Ontario’s Health and Safety System, PSHSA was pleased to submit our response to the Ministry of Labour. With a long history of regional, sectoral and industry expertise, we are well positioned to offer constructive feedback on the province’s first integrated health and safety strategy.

To ensure that our response was representative, our approach involved a consultative process. The draft was sent to our own staff and management as well as the organization’s broader stakeholders, including members of our advisory councils and board of directors. In addressing MOL’s paper, PSHSA identified three common themes that can help position the system for future success:

  • Develop a Renewed Focus on Purpose
  • Coordinate and Collaborate as a System
  • Eliminate Barriers to Prevention

The report expands on these recommendations and seeks to inspire a renewal of Ontario’s Health and Safety System. Download PSHSA’s complete response: Renewing Ontario’s Health and Safety System: Inspiration for the Province’s First Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy.

This is an exciting time for Ontario and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of health and safety in the province. We’d like to thank our staff, advisory council members, and Board of Directors for their input and participation throughout this process.