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Infection prevention and control (IPAC) is an integral component of a workplace’s occupational health and safety program and effective strategies need to be in place for the safety and protection of workers.

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The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control


Over the past ten years, the health care delivery system has undergone enormous change. Often, service delivery has shifted to settings such as ambulatory clinics, work sites and clients’ homes. The historic separation between the activities of hospitals, nursing homes, physicians and other care providers have become increasingly blurred. Infection control practices must now encompass infections that clients may acquire as a result of their care or treatment — both in and outside of an acute care setting.



Ebola virus disease (EVD) is associated with a high fatality rate, and is currently spreading in West Africa. Although the risk of spread in Canada is low, Ontario’s health care system must be prepared for persons entering the province with the disease or incubating the disease. As a result Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) and Ministry of Labour have designed several resources to assist health care workers (HCWs), paramedics and first responders who may be required to provide care to suspect/confirmed cases of EVD and their care environments.

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Protecting healthcare workers from EVD requires a comprehensive infection prevention and control program. Personal Protective Equipment is a key component in protecting health care workers, paramedics and first responders during an Ebola outbreak. Among the resources available on this site are donning and doffing checklists. These checklists have been developed to train workers and to be used with a trained observer, to verify and document that all necessary donning and doffing steps are performed safely and in the proper sequence to prevent contamination.


Additional resources, tools and links will be made available on this site to aid in training and ensuring you are prepared should a suspect/confirmed EVD case enter the province, so visit this site often.

Healthy Workers


What bed bug precautions should you take at a hotel? Answers to this and more on how to balance Work, Personal and Family life.

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PPE Checklists


Before using our checklists, please read this essential Pre-Planning document.


When it comes to infectious diseases, personal protective equipment is just one important factor in protecting a worker. In times of crisis, sometimes things can be overlooked that can impact the worker, facility or even general population. These sector-specific checklists were designed to address the unique needs of: Acute Care and Emergency Medical Services. Using them in conjunction with the Pre-Planning document can eliminate risk of infection while ensuring your staff have the best possible protection.


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Entrepreneur blowing with a wipe at office

Gearing Up for Flu Season


Check out our resources and learn more about how you can help minimize the impacts of flu in your workplace.


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