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    Improving Fire Safety for Vulnerable Ontarians: Training for Supervisory Staff of Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies and retirement Homes (eLearning)

    Click here to view the Fire Marshal’s March 18, 2014 Communique (No. 2014-06)

    This eLearning course is a voluntary course intended to supplement training for persons designated as “Supervisory Staff” (as defined in the Fire Code) in Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies and Retirement Homes. “Supervisory Staff” are all those occupants of a building who have a responsibility for the fire safety of other occupants under the building Fire Safety Plan. Supervisory Staff may consist of any occupant, including nurses, administrative staff, maintenance staff, etc. Although Supervisory Staff require training specific to Fire Safety Plan duties within their building, this supplementary course will provide individuals with general fire safety planning knowledge to support them in carrying out their duties.

    This course is comprised of 8 modules and a Mastery Test. When you have completed the modules, return to the “Courses to do” section on the Learning Management System to take the Mastery Test. Please note that you may challenge the Mastery Test without reviewing the modules if you feel that you are prepared. Successful completion of the course will depend on an achievement of 70% on the test. The Mastery Test may be repeated if necessary.

  • JHSC Certification Part 1

    JHSC Certification Part 1 Blended Training Program

    Length: 2 days in class + 6.5 hour eLearning module

    Continuing Education Credits: Certificate of Completion

    This program is the first part of the training process for individuals to be certified under guidelines established and enforced by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Workplaces with 20 or more regular employees must have at least two personnel who have completed the certification training.<p

    Upon completion of Certification Part One, participants will understand the relevant legislation as well as their legal rights and responsibilities. Participants will also learn about common workplace hazards and key steps to addressing these hazards. This knowledge will prepare participants to carry out workplace inspections and accident investigations and enable them to function effectively as JHSC members.

    The JHSC Certification Part 1 - Blended Training Program is made up of two parts: JHSC Certification Part 1 eLearning (2 modules, 6.5 Hours total) JHSC Certification Part 1 Classroom Session + Evaluation (2 Days)

    Upon registration, instructions on how to access to the eLearning will be emailed to each learner. Prior to the Classroom Session, participants must successfully complete both eLearning Modules, including a quiz at the end of each. You will not be able to register for the in-class component until you finish the eLearning component. Once you have completed the eLearning component you will receive an email that has a link to the in-class sessions that are available. You will then select one and register for it. Available classroom sessions for the Classroom Module can be viewed below to help plan your time.

    Please note that the final evaluation administered at the end of the classroom module will test on knowledge obtained in both the eLearning Modules and the Classroom Module.

    Who's This Course for?This training is applicable to all employees at all levels across all sectors.

    Onsite sessions are available, contact your local consultant to arrange this.

    Step 1: Click "Add to Cart" to purchase the JHSC blended certification. Step 2: You will receive an email with instructions. Step 3: Once the eLearning is completed, you will receive a link indicating the sessions available.

  • JHSC Certification Part 1

    JHSC Certification Refresher Classroom Training Program

    Length: 1 day

    Continuing Education Credits: JHSC Certification Refresher Certificate, Certification Letter of Reference from MOL upon completion

    To become fully certified JHSC members, participants successfully complete both the JHSC Certification Part 1 Training Program and JHSC Certification Part 2 (Sector-Specific or Workplace-Specific hazard training).

    To support ongoing learning for certified members, the new Program Standard has introduced Refresher Training. Those certified by the CPO under the new training and other requirements established on October 1, 2015 are required to take Refresher Training every three years to maintain their certification

    Appropriate for all sectors, this program is intended as a refresher to the Certification Part 1 and Certification Part 2 training programs. Completion of the refresher program renews individual's certification status and maintains the certification under guidelines established and enforced by the Ministry of Labour. Workplaces that regularly have 20 or more employees must have at least two certified personnel.

    Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.

  • When working on or around equipment with electrical or other energy sources it is very important to learn about lock-out and tag-out procedures. Lock-out and tag-out procedures must be correctly followed to prevent you and others from electrocution, amputation, other serious injuries or death.

    Appropriate for all sectors, this course is for all workers as an awareness and for individuals who work as facilities management personnel, housekeeping staff, custodians, caretakers, machine operators, maintenance workers, and others who work on or around equipment that has electrical or other energy sources.

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Describe energy hazards requiring lock-out procedures
    • Identify and assess the sources of energy that need to be locked out in your workplace
    • Identify the relevant legislation and regulations that apply to lock-out
    • Describe the main steps in performing a lock-out to control electrical and other hazardous energy sources
    • Discuss the need for lock-out policies and procedures specific to your workplace
    • approx. 1 hour

  • supervisor health and safety awareness elearning thubmnail

    Mandatory Supervisor Awareness Training eLearning

    Supervisor Awareness eLearning will enhance general awareness of legislated health and safety responsibilities, including the Internal Responsibility System, worker rights as well as the supervisor’s role in workplace management. The intent is to assist Ontario workplaces with compliance to Regulation 297/13 Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training. Upon completion of the eLearning, participants will understand the requirements of Regulation 297/13 and will be informed on how to recognize, assess and control workplace hazards and how to evaluate such controls. This self-paced program is applicable for all sectors. Length: This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. This course is also available to upload onto your own Learning Management System. For more information, please contact