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  • PPE eLearning

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) eLearning

    While performing your duties, it is important that you ensure you are performing your tasks safely. One method of controlling hazards and protecting yourself from illness or injury is to ensure that you correctly use personal protective equipment (PPE). This course will provide you with information to be able to identify the common hazards at your workplace that require PPE. It covers the role of PPE, hazardous noise, head protection, eye/face protection, hand protection, foot protection, body protection and types of respirators. The purpose is to provide awareness and information on generic PPE controls, which can be complimented by further job or task specific training and requirements. Appropriate for all sectors, this training is designed for all workers as an introduction and awareness module to common PPE. Course objectives include; Identify the common hazards at your workplace that require PPE and identification of the appropriate personal protective equipment selected by your supervisor for specific tasks. Length: This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete. This course is also available to upload onto your own Learning Management System. For more information, please contact

  • Training for Owners/Operators eLearning French Thumbnail

    Plan de sécurité-incendie apprentissage en ligne: Formation pour les propriétaires et les exploitants (OFMEM)

    Click here to view the Fire Marshal’s March 18, 2014 Communique (No. 2014-06) Conformément au Code de prévention des incendies de l’Ontario, les propriétaires ou les exploitants ou leurs délégués qui sont responsables du logement des Ontariens et Ontariennes vulnérables dans les établissements de soins, les établissements de soins et de traitement et maisons de retraite doivent élaborer et mettre en place des plans de sécurité-incendie pour leurs installations. (Ces personnes peuvent aussi porter les titres de gestionnaires, cadres dirigeants ou gestionnaires immobiliers, cadres supérieurs, directeurs généraux, directeurs de l’exploitation, etc.). Ce cours préparera les propriétaires/exploitants à élaborer et mettre en place des plans de sécurité-incendie selon les besoins de l’installation qu’ils exploitent et fournira les connaissances requises afin de satisfaire aux obligations en matière de planification de sécurité-incendie. Ce cours comprend 10 modules d’apprentissage et un évaluation de la maîtrise (Mastery Test). Lorsque vous aurez terminé les modules, retournez à la section « Cours à faire » (Courses To Do) du Système de gestion de l’apprentissage et effectuez une évaluation de la maîtrise. L’accomplissement avec succès de ce cours dépendra de l’obtention de 70 % pour cette évaluation. Veuillez noter que vous pouvez effectuer l’évaluation de la maîtrise sans passer par les modules, si vous vous sentez prêt. Are you the designated mandatory learner for your business? Yes If not, you can purchase the course below. Mandatory learner refers to owners and operators of care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies and retirement homes regulated under the Retirement Homes Act, 2010, or their delegates. They are the persons having primary responsibility for implementing the emergency planning provisions of Section 2.8 (Division B) of the Fire Code in such facilities, including a fire safety plan. These persons may also be known by other titles, such as manager, general manager, executive manager, executive director, chief executive officer, and chief operating officer, and chief fire officials responsible for approving fire safety plans for buildings containing care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies, or retirement homes.

  • Radon Awareness Webinar Thumbnail

    Radon Awareness and Prevention Act Webinar

    This webinar is presented by PSHSA and guest speakers from the Radiation Safety Institute, Steve Mahoney and Laura Boksman.

    Applicable to all sectors, the webinar covers the basics of Radon and exposure and offers viewers some resources and actions that can be taken to reduce the exposure risk.

    Length: 30 minutes

  • Return to Work - Claims Management and Privacy Classroom Training

    Length: Half day

    Continuing Education Credits: N/A

    "PSHSA’s Return to Work: Claims Management and Privacy is a half day course provides information for persons responsible for managing the return to work program. It is designed to provide basic information for managing the RTW process including return to suitable employment in a timely matter. Specifically, this course will walk participants through the life of claim until the end of the claim process including a focus on privacy, confidentiality.

    Course Objectives:

    By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify and describe; Describe the steps involved in case management and implementation of the Return to Work program including:

    • Benefits of disability management
    • Life of a claim
    • Managing the RTW program
    • Role of the supervisor in RTW process
    • Privacy, Confidentiality & the Return to Work Process

  • Return to Work - Legislation and Program Development Classroom Training

    Length: Half day Continuing Education Credits: N/A PSHSA’s Return to Work: Legislation and Program Development is a half day course that provides information on the legislation requirements and developing a return to work program. The program also includes information on roles and responsibilities, procedures and policies, duty to accommodate and bona fide occupational requirements that impact job retention. There is also sample documentation in the appendix section. By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify and describe;
    • Workplace trends that impact return to work
    • Benefits of Return to Work Program
    • Applicable federal and provincial legislation related to people with disabilities and return to work
    • Elements of the return to work program
    • The five steps in the development of a comprehensive return to work program