A Participatory Approach to Prevention Slips Trips and Falls for Employees & Public Safety

Length: 1 day
Continuing Education Credits: n/a

Slips, trips and falls are a common cause of injuries in Ontario workplaces. Many people think these are ‘just accidents’ that can’t be prevented. But with knowledge and a participatory approach, your organization can make changes to the work environment and prevent these injuries from occurring. Attend this full day workshop to: Learn about the major risks that lead to slips, trips and falls, and common control strategies; Understand the value of the participatory approach, where workers are involved in the recognition, assess and control of risks; Learn the steps to developing a comprehensive slip, trip, fall prevention program for your workplace; Become familiar with tools to help you develop your program. This training is applicable to workers across all sectors, the participatory approach to the topic is designed for work environments that have a good health and safety system in place with a effective Internal Responsibility System (IRS). The training outlines the participatory ergonomics approach and helps to raise awareness of the benefits of participatory ergonomics in reducing STF-related injuries. Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.
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