Confined Space Entry Regulation 632/05 Refresher

Length: 1 day
Continuing Education Credits: Certificate of Attendance and Director Approved Training: 0.6 CEUs

Confined spaces are uncontrolled environments which need to be evaluated and measured for personal safety. Without adequate training, a worker may not be alerted to the warning signs or potential hazards associated with confined space work. Confined Space Entry training is essential to ensuring worker safety as well as compliance with legislation, safe work practices and exposure limits. This program will guide participants through the elements covered in Confined Space Entry Reg. 632/05, including the recognition of confined spaces, descriptions of potential hazards and controls for managing these hazards. A combination of classroom learning and hands-on practical application will ensure worker competency in this area. Appropriate for Municipal and Emergency Services sectors, confined space training is essential for the safety of workers as well as regulation compliance, safe work practices, and exposure limits. Upon completion of this program, the participant will review the elements covered in Confined Space Entry Reg. 632/05 which includes how to recognize confined spaces, describe hazards found in these spaces and outline the controls for these hazards. First half of the day is the classroom component in which confined space regulation, hazard and safe work practices are reviewed, followed by a practical component refresher in the afternoon in which workers can demonstrate their knowledge.
Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.
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