Fatigue Awareness Classroom Training Program

Length:1.5 Hours

Continuing Education Credits: N/A

Being tired is a fact of life for many people in the workplace. Fatigue affects a person mentally and physically. Not getting enough sleep is usually the cause and sleepiness is a major, and potentially dangerous, effect. Since fatigue increases the chances of making errors at work, it is a workplace health and safety risk.

Factors such as extra-long commutes adding hours to the workday, shift work and seemingly 24/7 workplace contact due to mobile devices are adding ongoing workplace stress which can have a detrimental effect on sleep patterns and add to sleep deprivation.

This awareness course aims to provide a better understanding of fatigue and the importance of sleep. Those who take the course will gain a comprehensive perspective on the risks associated with fatigue and the intervention and prevention strategies that can be implemented. These range from self-assessment surveys or tools to enhance scheduling.

Prevention and reduction of fatigue in Ontario workplaces will lead to:

  • Improved health and safety outcomes
  • Reduction in workplace incidents and injuries
  • Reductions in absenteeism and staff turnovers, and
  • Improved performance and productivity
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