Office Ergonomics How to Conduct an Assessment

Length: 1 day
Continuing Education Credits: n/a

This day long course is designed to provide background learning on musculoskeletal disorders that are linked to exposure to hazards in office/computer work. To help simplify identification of hazards, discussion will be directed at the most common workplace hazards that lead to MSD related to computer work. Followed by presentation of basic guidelines and suggestions to reduce or eliminate the hazards. The content of the classroom portion of the course will be reinforced in practical application exercises. Practical exercises will involve participants actively identifying hazards and applying solutions to control the hazards. In reporting the results of the assessments participants will learn from the experiences of others as well as their own. PSHSA ergonomic specialists will lead the course. This training is applicable to workers across all sectors, it is designed for workers who use a computer space. Although this course is most directly applicable to individuals who work in a traditional office setting, those who use computers in non-traditional settings will find that many of the same skills and principals can be applied. Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.
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