Silo Fire Awareness
Length: 1 day

Continuing Education Credits: n/a

It is imperative that fire fighters stay up to date on proper practices procedures and hazard awareness, especially for situations that they may not face on a regular basis, to reduce their risk when such work is required. This is the case for those servicing agricultural areas; it is important to be familiar with the hazards associated with silo fires and understand how to handle them safely and effectively.

Upon completion of this training program, participants will understand the various types of silos and the dangers common to each, as well as structural hazards and the hazardous chemicals and gases produced in and around silos which may result in fires or explosions. Participants will also examine and evaluate the effectiveness of various firefighting techniques.

This training is applicable to the Emergency Services sector, particularly Fire Services. The training is applicable to any workers whom respond to emergency situations and service agricultural areas.

Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.

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