Assessing Violence in the Community: A Handbook for the Workplace

Provides practical tools on assessing the risk for violence, communicating with potentially violent clients, safe travel and an employee hazard checklist.The upfront planning that a care organization and care provider completes for the provision of care to clients in the community is critical to ensuring employee safety. Based on this booklet, PSHSA has also developed Workplace Violence Assessments for Community Care. These tools guide you through the assessment of three elements that should be cosnidered in the planning process.

Bullying in workplace poster thumbnail

Bullying In The Workplace

This booklet provides practical suggestions for the employer, supervisor and worker to participate in the reduction of bullying in the workplace. A number of samples and tools are provided including a sample workplace bullying policy and a self-test to determine if you are being bullied.

Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Aborder la violence familiale en milieu de travail: Un manuel

Le but de ce manuel est de sensibiliser davantage la population à la prévalence et aux effets de la violence familiale dans le milieu de travail. Ce manuel comporte également des suggestions à l’intention des employeurs, des superviseurs, des syndicats, des comités mixtes sur la santé et la sécurité, des représentants à la sécurité et à la santé, des collègues et des victimes afin de les aider à aborder cette question.

Heat Stress Awareness Guide

Heat Stress Awareness Toolkit

Overexposure to heat can stress the body’s cooling system, especially when combined with physical labour, loss of fluids, fatigue or medical conditions. Heat stress can lead to heat-related illness, disability and even death. Explore this toolkit to learn more about how you can prevent heat stress.