MSD Blitz Webinar

MoL Blitz on Musculoskeletal Disorders – Are You Ready for a Visit?

PSHSA is now offering a recorded version of our extremely popular webinar titled “MOL Blitz on Musculoskeletal Disorders – Are you ready for a visit?” on our e-store for a limited time.

If you missed out on attending this webinar held January 18th, or want to share it with a colleague, this is your opportunity. Following purchase you will have one week of unlimited access to the webinar. Webinar content includes: Ministry of Labour presentation by Dr. Leon Genesove, Chief Physician, Occupational Health and Safety Branch and Anne Duffy, Provincial Ergonomist

Community Care: Tool to Reduce Workplace Hazards

Community Care: A Tool to Reduce Workplace Hazards

This session is appropriate for workers, supervisors and employers and will help you to:

Recognize hazards that might cause a workplace injury
Decide what to do to control the hazard
Know when and what to tell your supervisor

Based on the booklet “Community Care: A Tool to Reduce Workplace Hazards”, learn how to use free to access information in your workplace to raise awareness of the eight common hazards in the community care sector.

Workplace Bullying Domestic Violence Webinar

Workplace Bullying and Domestic Violence Webinar

“Catch it early” is the theme of this webinar on workplace bullying and harassment.

Overview of PSHSA Bullying in the Workplace Handbook (Henri) 20 mins
Workplace bullying and harassment (Catherine) – 70 mins
Overview of PSHSA Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Handbook (Henri) – 20 mins
Domestic Violence (Barb) – 70 mins

Preparing for MSD Blitz

Preparing for MSD Blitz in Healthcare: Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders through Prevention & Enforcement

Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System (MSDs) are the leading cause of disability in Ontario workplaces and account for over 45% of all lost-time injuries.Everyone has a role to play in reducing the number and severity of MSDs – Are you doing your part?Brian McInnes, Provincial Ergonomist and PSHSA consultants, provide an open discussion regarding prevention and enforcement strategies to protect workers from musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.