An Integrated Approach to Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace

PSHSA’s psychological health and safety program guide is designed to provide information, tools and resources to workplaces to support the creation and maintenance of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. The guide can be used to build a new psychological health and safety program or to identify program gaps in an existing one by offering innovative tools and solutions to enhance or augment your program development and implementation journey.


Use the program guide to:

  • Learn about related provincial legislation and national/international standards.
  • Familiarize yourself with workplace psychological health and safety and psychosocial factors (as well as additional factors for healthcare).
  • Understand occupational health and safety hazard mitigation concepts at the organizational level and individual job levels.
  • Get informed on psychological health and safety program development and implementation using systematic occupational health and safety and continuous improvement processes.
  • Access resources, tools and checklists to support program development and successful implementation.
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