Reduce your Premiums With PSHSA Safety Group Membership

Since 2010 PSHSA Safety Group members have shared in rebates of over $4,375,738!

What is the Safety Groups Program?

Safety Groups are an initiative from WSIB that allow groups of companies to pool their health and safety experience and resources to help improve their prevention systems. Safety Group members can reduce their workplace injuries and illnesses and be rewarded with rebates on WSIB premiums. Our objective at PSHSA is simple – to eliminate workplace injuries and illness, and to help you reduce your WSIB costs.


What are the 2019 Safety Groups Program updates?

The 2019 Safety Groups Program is designed to offer a variety of program options for current, past and new firms, to choose the best option for making meaningful health and safety program improvements in their workplaces.

  • Smaller businesses have the option to join and do only 3 elements of the program.
  • Prior firms who completed the 1-5 year program in the past, can come back and keep going in that program, or join the Advantage Program.

Click here to find out about changes to the 2019 Safety Groups Program.


How Does the Safety Groups Program Work?

WSIB Safety Groups objective is to bring similar organizations together to develop better health and safety practices. The goal is to eliminate workplace injuries and illness, and reduce WSIB costs. This is an opportunity to network, increase occupational health and safety knowledge and share resources.

Each year participants select five elements from the WSIB Safety Group’s Element List to initiate or improve within their organizations through the collective sharing of ideas and resources with other members in the group. The process is coordinated by PSHSA Safety Group Consultants. Members are eligible for a WSIB rebate of up to 7% of their premiums, if certain criteria including the entire group’s success in implementing their selected elements is achieved.


How will Being a Member Benefit Your Organization?

  • Save budget and see results. Share in WSIB rebates and reduce the number and severity of lost time injuries in your workplace.
  • Share and network. Members share resources, network within their sector, attend training sessions and compare best practices and case studies.
  • Access to expertise. Members have access to consultants who can assist with developing their programs as well as access to a members-only section to share resources.


Participant Fees and Rebate Disbursement

Participants will pay a fee of $550.00 per account number. Fees are payable on invoice from PSHSA following the first meeting. A full refund will be awarded to firms who withdraw within 10 days of the first meeting. There is no need to pay now! Invoicing will occur in spring 2019.

If you’re currently a PSHSA Safety Group member, use your WSIB firm number to log in to the Members Only area

2019 Safety Group Program Application Process

3 Easy steps to apply!

1. Read the Registration Details

Program Eligibility and Registration Fees:

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Employer Guidelines:

Regular Program    Advantage Program

2. Apply

Download the Safety Groups Application and fill it out.

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3. Submit

Please ensure that your registration form is signed on pages one and two,
then scan the form and email it to us at:

For more information contact your PSHSA Consultant or

For more information:

Read the Safety Group Program Brochure.

Learn about the 2019 Safety Group Program Options.

Check the 2019 Safety Group FAQ.

View the Safety Groups Program Employer Guidelines.

Download the Safety Groups Fast Fact Sheet.

Check out our Safety Groups 1-5 Years Orientation Webinar to find out more about the “5 Steps to Managing a Health & Safety Program”, the resources available for success, and the great networking opportunities with like organizations.