Accident Investigations
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The purpose of an accident investigation is to prevent the recurrence of the accident. When performing an investigation, it is essential to look beyond the immediate cause, searching instead for contributing factors and root causes.


PSHSA has developed a revised Accident Investigation training program to assist organizations in practicing proper investigations and preventing similar accidents in the future. This workshop teaches participants how to determine causes of accidents as well as the importance of accident investigation.


Appropriate for all sectors; this course was designed for supervisors and managers who have little to no experience in managing an accident investigation. The intent of this training session is to provide our clients with an understanding of the purpose of investigations, types of accidents and incidents, the importance of a effective and thorough investigation, potential contributing causes and factors of incidents/accidents, as well as the ability to make meaningful recommendations for preventative action. A thorough documented investigation process will enhance an organization’s health and safety program and its overall safety performance.

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