JHSC Certification Refresher Classroom Training Program
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To become fully certified JHSC members, participants successfully complete both the JHSC Certification Part 1 Training Program and JHSC Certification Part 2 (Sector-Specific or Workplace-Specific hazard training).


To support ongoing learning for certified members, the new Program Standard has introduced Refresher Training. Those certified by the CPO under the new training and other requirements established on October 1, 2015 are required to take Refresher Training every three years to maintain their certification


Appropriate for all sectors, this program is intended as a refresher to the Certification Part 1 and Certification Part 2 training programs. Completion of the refresher program renews individual's certification status and maintains the certification under guidelines established and enforced by the Ministry of Labour. Workplaces that regularly have 20 or more employees must have at least two certified personnel.


Note: After completing JHSC Certification Part 2, you must complete this Refresher course before 3 years have passed, and then within every 3 years thereafter to maintain your certification status.

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