R2 – The Fundamentals
This eLearning program is provided in a tracked version which ensures each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a record of the training will be kept and retained.

Resilience is a dynamic process that enhances both individual and collective wellbeing to cope with, adapt to, and be better prepared to overcome adversity, obstacles, or significant sources of stress. The capacity to build resilience is multi-dimensional and influenced by the presence of resilience-promoting factors in our environments. Thus, the capacity to build resilient organizations is interconnected both from what we can contribute as individuals and how we can be supported at work.   


R2 – The Fundamentals is based on the work of Dr. Michael Ungar and the Resilience Research Centre. This course explains how the R2 model builds resilience by strengthening:  

  • Rugged qualities that reside within

These are changeable internal qualities such as our self-confidence, optimism, mindfulness, and our ability to set goals and think critically 

  • Resources that we need / support us when facing adversity 

Resources can include experiences of control, meaningful relationships, access to services and supports, structures and routines 


Participants will learn an innovative approach to building resilience in both personal and professional environments. 


Who should take this course

Everyone at all organizational levels and sectors.  



$25 per person


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