Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders

The Handbook offers a clear, user-friendly guide to hazard recognition, risk identification and protection strategies for high hazard clients and emergency response personnel. The resource helps workers and supervisors better understand job associated risks and hazards, and what is required of them to be competent and diligent in their duties.The Handbook is the product of a joint effort between the Electrical Safety Authority, Hydro One, the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and Public Services Health & Safety Association.


PSHSA and ESA are collaboratively offering a half-day “Electrical Safety for Emergency Responders” workshop.  The training is an extension of knowledge from the handbook. The training aims to inform emergency respond­ers about the electrical distribution system and help identify the electrical equipment and relevant hazards when arriving first on scene.


If you are interested in scheduling a course in your local area, please contact Tim Metcalfe at tmetcalfe@pshsa.ca

$13.00 + HST
Currently in Stock. (Can be backordered.)
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