Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Guide

This guide is designed to provide information, guidance, tools, and resources for Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces in the broader public sectors to employers, JHSC/HSR and other interested parties. The guide can be used to build a new psychological health and safety program, and/or to identify program gaps in an existing one. It offers new innovative tools and solutions to enhance and/or augment the program development and implementation journey.


This program guide provides:

  • Awareness of supporting provincial legislation and national/international standards.
  • A review of the traditional workplace psychological health and safety and psychosocial factors and the additional healthcare factors.
  • Occupational health and safety hazard mitigation concepts at the organizational level and at the job-position levels.
  • Information on psychological health and safety program development and implementation using systematic occupational health and safety and continuous improvement processes.
  • Linkages to existing supporting resources and tools for successful implementation where appropriate.
  • Additional tools and checklists to augment existing public resources.
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