Occupational Stress Injury Resiliency (OSIR)

Need help monitoring your organization's psychological health and safety efforts? PSHSA has the right tool for you!


The Occupational Stress Injury Resiliency (OSIR) tool is a purpose-built and practical assessment that helps organizations understand risks for occupational stress injuries, identify approaches to build resilience and guide workplace psychological health strategy and action planning.


All data is collected from an anonymous 26-question survey answered by employees, which is then analyzed and stored by PSHSA. Survey questions assess employees’ perception of a supportive environment, supportive leadership, employees’ behaviours, and support programs. The results in a report provided to employers by PSHSA’s expert consultants provide in-depth insight into the effectiveness of supports, policies and programs, and recommendations for moving forward.


A health and safety strategy that includes psychological health is crucial to any organization allowing employees to feel they can work to their fullest potential. OSIR helps ensure this happens by applying an evidence-based approach to inform an action plan focusing on prevention and resiliency.


Learn about how the OSIR tool works and its benefits.

For more information, contact OSIR@pshsa.ca to see what OSIR can do for your organization!

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