PSHSA Has Released a Guide to Support and Enhance the Psychological Health and Safety of Workers
calendar icon October 13th, 2022
PSHSA Has Released a Guide to Support and Enhance the Psychological Health and Safety of Workers

TORONTO - Today’s employers continue to require access to resources and support to ensure workplace psychological health, safety and well-being. To help employers and workers create safe and healthy workplaces, the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) has released “Workplace Psychological Health and Safety: A guide to support worker well-being.”


It is a free, downloadable resource that provides information, guidance and innovative tools and resources to help organizations improve psychological health and safety in the workplace. 


“We know that psychologically healthy and safe workplaces contribute significantly to worker well-being, engagement, and performance as well as lower rates of absenteeism, conflict and disability claims. So, it only makes sense that PSHSA create innovative tools and resources for all workplaces to take their psychological health and safety program to the next level,” said PSHSA CEO and COO, Glenn Cullen. “One of the many positives of this new tool is that it can be used in organizations of all sizes, complexity or need.”


Based on an easy-to-navigate framework, this new guide includes a checklist to help identify how worker well-being is supported, and what can be done to build or enhance a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.


With so many accessible tools and resources, it can be difficult to figure out what will best meet your firm’s unique needs.  Whether you’re just getting started on the journey to workplace psychological health and safety or looking to enhance an existing program to support worker well-being, PSHSA’s Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Guide can help!


The guide and all the resources are on the PSHSA website.


For more information, please contact Ann Walker at (416) 455-9601 or



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