Workplace Bullying Domestic Violence Webinar

“Catch it early” is the theme of this webinar on workplace bullying and harassment.

  1. Overview of PSHSA Bullying in the Workplace Handbook (Henri) 20 mins
  2. Workplace bullying and harassment (Catherine) – 70 mins
  3. Overview of PSHSA Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Handbook  (Henri) – 20 mins
  4. Domestic Violence (Barb) – 70 mins

Henri will begin the session with an overview of PSHSA’s Bullying in the Workplace Handbook. Then, Catherine Burr will discuss effective ways to recognize, prevent and deal with bullying / harassment at work – with a main focus on effective response. Five options for response – from informal to formal, individual to institutional – are outlined, along with pros and cons of each.

Using examples and scenarios from health care and other settings, we will explore what to do and what to say if you have concerns about bullying.

In the last part of the webinar, Henri will begin with an overview of PSHSA’s Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Handbook. Barb MacQuarrie will help build your capacity to recognize, respond and refer in situations of domestic violence.

Legislative and policy requirements for reporting will be explored. Scenario based learning activities will involve participants in problem solving and prepare them to apply new knowledge and skills to real life situations.