Ready for Duty (R4D) App for Android

Powered by Performance Redefined, the R4D app includes high-quality video examples to help you adopt safe and effective, movement-centric resistance training exercise.  The app, now available for Apple and Android, coupled with the Movement eLearning module, will help paramedics and other public safety personnel plan and conduct effective, movement focused fitness sessions.  Adopting a “train movements, not muscles” philosophy, the library includes exercises to improve strength and power through principal movements including pushing, pulling, hip hinging, lunging, and squatting. App users can easily access important movement coaching keys, save custom workouts, or access one of three pre-defined workouts to get started.

Why does movement matter? Our research shows that paramedics who generate more work from the lower body when lifting experience lower loading on their spine². Our evidence also shows that those who complete routine strength and conditioning perform better³.

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