Student Placement Resource Book

Developed by former placement students, the Student Placement Resource Book provides information and questions that ensure a hazard free worksite for co-op students. Ideal for students, teachers and site supervisors, this resource book focuses on safety and provides information, checklists and questions. It includes:


  • Workplace assessment
  • Hazard identification
  • Checklists of common hazards
  • General Safety checklists
  • 12 Questions students can ask their placement employer


Developed with best practices and ongoing research in mind, this resource book ensures a safe placement experience for young people. The Student Placement Resource book can be used in secondary schools and other similar vocational settings. Designed to be accessible, this FREE download is ideal to share and print as needed.


PSHSA’s sector expertise and mandate for worker safety focuses on workplace hazards while taking the education setting and relevant practices into full consideration when developing this material. As one of our many free downloadable resources, this resource book encourages students and teachers to become more involved and proactive in workplace safety. We also offer other useful Young Worker Resources.

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