Work-Related Contact Dermatitis and You

Work Related Contact Dermatitis (WRCD) is not well understood by many medical professionals, including workers and employers. Workers with WRCD suffer a broad range of negative effects, from pain & itching, social embarrassment and impaired hand function, to lost time at work and decreases in productivity.


With appropriate and timely intervention, however, WRCD can be prevented and these negative effects greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.


This module has been designed to provide employers, workers and others with an awareness of WRCD and actions that can be taken to prevent its occurrence.


By completing this module, participants will learn that:

  • WRCD is common
  • WRCD is preventable
  • Many workers in Ontario are at risk for WRCD, but don’t know it
  • Recovery from WRCD can be difficult for a variety of reasons
  • Early medical intervention is critical; the earlier a person with WRCD is diagnosed and treated, the more likely they are to get better


Knowledge checks and a short case scenario are included in the module to allow learners to self-assess their knowledge of WRCD as they proceed through the material.