Confined Space Rescue NFPA Awareness Level
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This course is geared towards trained firefighters who are responsible for confined space entry rescue. The course provides the student-learner with an awareness of confined space entry hazards, legislation and guidelines, procedures and detection equipment selection, and practical rescue scenarios.


The training covers required elements for NFPA certification including; procedures for sizing up an incident and overall situation involving confined space rescue. The procedures and methods of stabilizing a scene requiring confined space rescue operations including; types and uses of air monitoring equipment. The purpose, procedures and methods for conducting a victim(s) search of the confined space, different types of entrapping mechanisms and procedures for stabilization as well as the procedures, methods and equipment required for assessing and stabilizing victim(s) external to the confined space. Describe common principles and procedures used to communicate with rescue team members, outside agencies and victim(s) using communication systems and terminology. Describe the application of all pertinent legislation, standards, regulations and guidelines to a non-entry confined space rescue. Lastly, a practical component in which learners will perform a confined space rescue ensuring the safety of the rescuers and according to performance demonstration criteria. (20130709)


Applicable for the Emergency Services sector, this course is geared towards trained firefighters who are responsible for confined space entry rescue. The course covers the required NFPA certification training elements as well as a practical component for demonstration of knowledge learned in the classroom.

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