Joint Health and Safety Committee Seminar
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This training is intended to help JHSC members, supervisors, managers, employers, and other workers understand the role of the JHSC. Establishing a joint health and safety committee (JHSC) is a legal requirement for any Ontario workplace with 20 or more workers at any one site.


The committee must have at least two members for workplaces with 20 to 49 workers, and four or more members for workplaces with 50 or more workers. The training reviews the purpose, structure, roles, responsibilities and rights as they related to the JHSC and committee members.


Applicable for all sectors, this training is intended for managers, supervisors, workers and joint health and safety committee members. The program teaches participants, particularly those who are members of their workplace's joint health and safety committee how to operate effectively and address workplace health and safety issues with knowledge and confidence.

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